So God Damn Over It

by Tony Saxon

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released March 7, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Jon Perrelly
Mastered by Brian Chirlo

Copyright 2013 Hotfoot Records



all rights reserved


Tony Saxon New York, New York

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Track Name: Mean Disposition
They say the pen is mightier than the sword
But since I cant afford the ink, i might as well start swinging
You say theres a pattern in this
That requires analysis,
but if these walls could talk id be gone before they spoke

ive suffered the same fate
a million different times
in a million different beds,
under a million different lights.
never to return twice.
you may call it a curse,
or a blessing in disguise
establish all connections to see
their hearts shift before my eyes

send me a soul
to turn this stone into gold
alchemy for the aches and shakes
to wash these eyes from the darkness theyve been shown
maybe its in my own mind or just truly hard to find
but this passenger seat's been empty for too long

ive suffered the same fate
a million different times
in a million different beds,
under a million different lights.
never to return twice.
you may call it a curse,
or a blessing in disguise
establish all connections to see
their hearts shift before my eyes

mean disposition
stay the hell away from me
ten years ago
i never thought this is who id be.
Track Name: Never Canonized
the patron saint of anxiety
our history is thick
yeah, we got together
but the only difference is we kiss

each peck a blessing
between her blissful ignorance
and the river of bad blood
runs deep between our lips

are you embarrassed?
are you wary?
why are you so distant?
should i still struggle to communicate,
continue to be so persistent?
silence goes on for days
and it seems so strange
smells like bullshit
so when oppurtunity comes knocking do i answer or ignore it?

our lady of mental acceleration
lives deep in her own mind
when she comes out shes buried
by the consequence of wasted time
she fights the night with the power of ingestible speed
and i know its wrong but i tread the river just to keep her company

are you jealous? are you ready?
why are you accepting offers?
i tried to play that part for you but you told me not to bother.
now the position has been filled,
yeah, you seem so thrilled, more like nervous.
his wallet hangs over your head
and you've found another grievance to service.

all the girls i loved when i was young no longer exist.
they blossomed into souls that i now find unfit.
from the pedastal they all dropped like flies.
once i realized they were never canonized.
Track Name: Retaliation
I burned every painting that she gave me
Lit a cigarette off of the flames
The smoke rose high into the evening
All those brush strokes just melted away

I hope she smelled the fumes from where she's hiding
So Reclusive from my heart and my eyes
See Had she been a snake she would have bit me
Left me so cold, prayin I die.

The Fire then went down to an ember
Red as her hair I recalled from memory
Tell me Why the fuck i should stare at her passion
When she dont want nothing to do with me

I'm gonna keep on singing til I drop the fuck dead
I hope these words penetrate your head
All of this I say is true
My songs never meant that much to you
Track Name: Poison & a Prayer
Poison and prayer
Together such a contradiction
In hopes to acquire good fortune
I Sacrificed all addictions
Satan, he was smiling
As I undid the deal
He said "now you're back to nothing,
But how good do you feel"

I waited hours to taste her
For it had been so long
I paid my heavy penance
Then through my blood she coasted on

There is nothing safer
Than ignorance in retrospect
Although Hindsight's 20/20
Never question what you know not to expect

For sure I was uncertain
Anxious doubt destroyed my tact
And like the wife of Orpheus
I was pulled to hell when hell when I looked back

I sacrificed the poisons
In hopes love I would recieve
Yes i came so close to glory
Yet the devils deal I breached
Track Name: So God Damn Over It
thanks for the coat it has kept me warm
or one more article of clothing to lie upon
each day in that van i find something left by you
reminds me of all the better things you had to do

its not your fault that i lost it all
just hope you're not expecting,
expecting a call

i fell back into a trap i escaped from before
i thought i broke the seal but you opened the door
your sister made it so id get my fix
and i never minded taking her on those trips

you're not to blame, my decision was made
find myself in hell
but you cant un-ring a bell

for the next two weeks ill be sick as shit
telling myself im so god damn over it
and ill long for your company
but the poison association just cannot be

its gone too far, you're feeling torn
kiss my lips at night
kiss his in the morn.
Track Name: Young Man, Old Van (ft. Matt Olsson)
thought it was a good idea
she thought otherwise
the moment he made his intentions clear
was the hour of his demise.

just a young man in an old van
with a capable throat and swift hands
such a pretty girl with a broken mind
who refused to believe he was the best she'd ever find

he told her

meet me in the morning time
where the sun begins to shine
ill be yours and youll be mine
together we will be just fine

stay until the sky hangs low
moon will shine a borrowed glow
reflect our eyes on what we see
into another's naturally

he is left with none of this
just targets he aimed for and missed
considering all the reasons why
to these restrictions he complies

awakens in the morning time
where the refused to shine
subconcious cinematic lies
Track Name: Burn Kid Burn
Burn kid burn in the hell you created
Legs are swollen, pupils dialated
The sun came up and your eyelids have tanned
The night slid away through the cracks in your hands

The calendar flips, reveals January
Those you rely on become adversaries
Spoiled, rotten, entitled, not pleased
Tip toe on egg shells in their company

too young for the circuit of washed up fakes
So you decide to Quit fattening frogs for snakes
Delusional legends in their own mind
But Karma is swift and her plagues are refined

So you Cherish the night and garnish your pay
Broken backs for dollars that melted away
Burn kid burn in the bed that you made
Wind at your back
Welcome overstayed.

:: cue improvised drunken rambling::